Daniel Schneider
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,Professor
Daniel Schneider
111 Temple Buell Hall
611 E Lorado Taft Dr
Champaign, IL 61820
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  • PhD (Zoology; minor subject, Entomology), University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin, 1990
  • MS (Zoology), University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin, 1986
  • BA (Environmental Science), Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut, 1981

Ongoing and upcoming research

Dr. Schneider is currently working on an interdisciplinary project on the ecology and management of bed bugs in U.S. cities. This study focuses on the social justice implications of bed bug infestations, and how they are mediated through housing policies and landlord-tenant relations.

Selected Publications:
  • Daniel Schneider, Hybrid Nature: Sewage Treatment and the Contradictions of the Industrial Ecosystem (Cambridge: The MIT Press, 2011) 338 pp.  Winner of 2013 George Perkins Marsh Prize, ASEH.
  • McLafferty, S, D. Schneider, K Abelt.  2020. Placing volunteered geographic health information:  Socio-spatial bias in 311 bed bug report data for New York City.  Health and Place.  Accepted.
  • Schneider, D.  2019.  They’re back.  Municipal responses to the resurgence of bed bug infestations.  Journal of the American Planning Association.  85(2):96-113.
  • Honey-Rosés, J.,  N. Brozovic, and D.W. Schneider.  2014.  Changing ecosystem service values following technological change.  Environmental Management.  53(6):1146-1157 .
  • Schneider, D.  2014.  Who invented activated sludge?  Environmental Engineer and Scientist 50:8-11

Personal profile:
Dr. Schneider is an ecologist and environmental historian whose research focuses on the interrelations between natural and human systems in planning and management. His book, Hybrid Nature: Sewage Treatment and the Contradictions of the Industrial Ecosystem (MIT Press, 2011) is an environmental history of the sewage treatment plant that explores how industrial ecosystems are conceived and managed. It received the 2013 George Perkins Marsh Prize from the American Society for Environmental History. He has also written on the history of floodplain drainage on the Illinois River, the ecology of invasive species, and the history of ecology. Dr. Schneider has also worked on aquatic ecology and water resources issues in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Spain,  and Mexico.

Dr. Schneider is also faculty administrator for Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design program in the College of Fine and Applied Arts. In his spare time, he builds mid-century, modern-inspired furniture (Daniel Schneider Furniture).