T. John Kim
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,Emeritus Professor
T. John Kim
111 Temple Buell Hall
611 E Lorado Taft Dr
Champaign, IL 61820
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Ongoing and upcoming research

  • Sustainable Transportation Systems
  • Location-base Services (LBS)
  • Ubiquitous Geographic Information Systems, (UGIS)
  • Impacts of Technologies on Urban Form and Structure
  • Planning for Future Cities
  • Planning for Cities on Ubiquitous Technology Space

Selected Publications:
  • Kim, Tschangho John (ed), 2004. "Transportation Engineering and Planning, in Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS)," EOLSS Publishers/UNESCO, Paris, France, Oxford, UK,
  • Lars Lundqvist, Lars-Goran Mattson and T.J. Kim (eds), 1999. "Network Infrastructure and the Urban Environment: Advances in Land-Use/Transportation"
  • Knaap, Gerrit J., T. John Kim (eds), 1998. "Environmental Program Evaluation: A Primer," University of Illinois Press, Urbana, IL.
  • Wright, J.R., Lyna L. Wiggins, Ravinder Jain and Tschangho John Kim (eds), 1993. "Expert Systems in Environmental Planning," Springer-Verlag Publishers, New York, New York.
  • Kim, Tschangho John, Gerrit Knaap and Iwan J. Azis (eds), 1992. "Spatial Development in Indonesia: Review and Prospect," Avebury-Gower Publishing Co., Brookfield, VT.

Personal profile:
Dr. Tschangho John Kim is an Emeritus Endowed Professor of Urban and Regional Systems at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has worked in Austria, Germany, South Korea, Indonesia, Sweden, Kenya, the People’s Republic of China, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. In 1979–80, he served as the project director of the National Comprehensive Transportation Study of Korea, sponsored by the World Bank. He also directed the Optimal Transport Sector Development Project in Indonesia in 1990–91. He served as Associate Director, International Programs and Studies and Director, Office of Overseas University Collaboration, UIUC for the period of 1984–91.

He has been a Fulbright Scholar to Germany and Senior Fulbright Scholar to Korea. He was Special Advisor to the Governor of Illinois on International Affairs (1985–87) and Chair, National GIS Advisory Committee, Korea (1994–98). He was Editor of The Annals of Regional Science for the period of 1994–2005. He served as Project Leader for Task Force for International Standard of Multimodal Location-based Services for the Technical Committee for GIS Standardization (TC 211) of the International Organization for Standards (ISO) for the period of 2002–07 and has been an advisor to the ArRiyadh Development Authority (ADA) in Saudi Arabia since 1994. He is a Fellow of Regional Science Association International and President of the Western Regional Science Association in 2008.

The Endowed Professor of Urban and Regional Systems was made possible by a generous contribution to the University of Illinois Foundation by an anonymous donor. The Department of Urban and Regional Planning and the College of Fine and Applied Arts are very grateful to this individual for supporting DURP through this endowed professorship.