Ron Buliung
University of Toronto,Professor
Ron Buliung big
DV 3272 (UTM)
Downtown Office:
 Room SSH5014 (100 St. George Street), 416-946-8620

Administrative Position:
Graduate Chair

McMaster University (2004)

Other Degrees:
MA McMaster University (1997)
BA (Hons) McMaster University (1993)

Research Interests:
  • Disability studies
  • Transport geography
  • Child and youth geographies
  • Geography of health

Selected Publications:
Refereed Articles
  • Rothman L, Buliung, R., Howard, A., Macarthur, C., Macpherson, A. (2017) The School Environment and Student Car Drop-Off at Elementary Schools. Travel Behaviour and Society. doi:10.1016/j.tbs.2017.03.001
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 Book Chapters
  • Buliung, R., Shimi, A., Mitra, R. 2015. Automobility and Non-Motorized Transport in the Global South: China, India, and the Rickshaws of Dhaka. In A. Walks (Ed.) Driving Cities, Driving Inequality, Driving Politics: The Urban Political Economy and Ecology of Automobility, publisher: Routledge: New York, pp. 152-168.
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