Harald Bathelt
University of Toronto,Professor
Harald Bathelt
Personal Website:
 Room 3121, Sidney Smith Hall (100 St. George Street)

University of Gießen, Germany (1991)

Other Degrees:
Habilitation in Geography, University of Gießen, Germany (Post-Doctoral Degree) (1997)
Diplom University of Gießen, Germany (1987)

Research Interests:
  • Economic geography
  • Relational economic geography
  • Industrial clustering
  • Innovation and knowledge creation over distance
  • Socio-economic impacts of industrial and institutional change
  • Regional governance and political economy
  • Interregional and interurban inequality
Selected Publications:
  • Bathelt, H. and M. Buchholz. 2019. Outward Foreign-Direct Investments as a Catalyst of Urban-Regional Income Development? Evidence from the United States. Economic Geography 95: 442-466.
  • Bathelt, H., J. A. Cantwell and R. Mudambi. 2018. Overcoming Frictions in Trans-National Knowledge Flows: Challenges of Connecting, Sense-Making and Integrating. Journal of Economic Geography 18: 1001-1022.
  • Bathelt, H., P. Cohendet, S. Henn and L. Simon. Eds. 2017. The Elgar Companion to Innovation and Knowledge Creation. Cheltenham, Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar.
  • Bathelt, H. and R. Gibson. 2015. Learning in “Organized Anarchies”: The Nature of Technological Search Processes and Knowledge Flows at International Trade Fairs. Regional Studies 49: 985-1002.
  • Bathelt, H. and J. Glückler. 2011. The Relational Economy: Geographies of Knowing and Learning. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
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  • Bathelt, H., F. Golfetto and D. Rinallo. 2014. Trade Shows in the Globalizing Knowledge Economy. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Bathelt, H. and S. Henn. 2014. The Geographies of Knowledge Transfers Over Distance: Toward a Typology. Environment and Planning A 46: 1403-1424.
  • Bathelt, H. and P. Li. 2014. Global Cluster Networks – Foreign Direct Investment Flows From Canada to China. Journal of Economic Geography 14: 45-71.
  • Bathelt, H. and P. Li. 2020. Building Better Methods in Economic Geography. Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsgeographie 64: forthcoming.
  • Bathelt, H. and P. Li. 2020. Processes of Building Cross-Border Knowledge Pipelines. Research Policy 49: forthcoming.
  • Bathelt, H., A. Malmberg and P. Maskell. 2004. Clusters and Knowledge: Local Buzz, Global Pipelines and the Process of Knowledge Creation. Progress in Human Geography 28: 31-56.
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  • Maskell, P., H. Bathelt and A. Malmberg. 2006. Building Global Knowledge Pipelines: The Role of Temporary Clusters. European Planning Studies 14: 997-1013.
  • Zhu, Y.-W., H. Bathelt and G. Zeng. 2020. Learning in Context: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach to Analyze Knowledge Acquisition at Trade Fairs. Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsgeographie 64: forthcoming.
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